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"Say cheese — in different ways
Cottage cheese has become trendy in and of itself. But ice cream made from cottage cheese? A company called Smearcase is giving it a go, saying it has all the taste of traditional ice cream but with the benefit of added protein (plus, it’s lower in fat)."
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"Enter Smearcase, the first FroCo-based ice cream company. What is FroCo? It stands for Frozen Cottage Cheese, and honestly, don’t knock it until you try it. The founder, Joe, is incredibly passionate about the product, and rightfully so. He has taken what was once an archaic style of cheese-making and transformed it into a beautifully creamy, protein-packed dessert.
At the show, I tried three flavors: vanilla, peanut butter, and chocolate. With my years of experience in the ice cream industry, I can tell you Joe is onto something big. The nutritional benefits of his products, combined with their great taste, give him the potential to create a brand new market and make a name for himself as your next Protein Dealer.
If he can lock down his flavours he could be onto the next Froyo sensation."
"Following TikTok-viral cottage cheese ice cream recipes, Smearcase is introducing a first-of-its-kind frozen dairy dessert using cottage cheese as its primary ingredient. FroCo ice cream boasts 40 grams of protein per pint thanks to a nourishing base of cottage cheese and a boost from collagen."
Smearcase introduces FroCo. This first-of-its kind frozen dairy dessert starts with cottage cheese as its base ingredient. The product comes in 5-ounce single-serve containers and 14-ounce multi-serve pints in three varieties: Mocha Joe, Peanut Butter and Vanilla Bean. The product is enhanced with collagen. It’s marketed as having half the fat and seven-times the protein of regular ice cream." 
"Satisfying Snacks. Specialty snacks that offer satiety through ingredients like protein as well as snacks that leave consumers feeling satisfied since they’re comforting and often indulgent, are trending. Findings of SFA’s soon-to-be released State of the Specialty Food Industry report, 2024-25 Edition, show that Chips, Chocolate, and Ice Cream are three of the fastest growing specialty categories. Smearcase Frozen Cottage Cheese Ice Cream. Booth 4218"
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High protein frozen cottage cheese.
"Summer Fancy Food: Glucose Control Callouts, Vevan Refreshes Branding: 
Food and beverage brands took over New York City this week for the annual Summer Fancy Food Show hosted by the Specialty Food Association. Here’s a first look at some of the new products, innovative brands and industry trends we’re tracking from the event."
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"Cottage cheese core... If you're on TikTok, you see cottage cheese literally everywhere. It's all the rage with the girlies-- people are making cottage cheese tortillas for crying out loud. (SOS) But "cottage cheese ice cream" has gone particularly viral. So I was especially intrigued by Smearcase, a cottage cheese-powered ice cream with 40g of protein per pint. They call themselves this decade's Halo Top and, I think, did a great job riding a cultural moment."
Healthy, Indulgent Treats Set to Debut at Fancy Food Show
"Making our debut at the Summer Fancy Food Show is a significant milestone for Smearcase, We're thrilled to introduce our innovative ice cream to retail buyers and industry professionals, and we believe our unique approach to high-protein, low-fat ice cream will resonate with health-conscious consumers and ice cream lovers alike."
"I had the pleasure chatting with Joe Rotondo from Smearcase, we talked about his upcoming product, "FroCo" frozen cottage cheese ice cream and how the popularity of this in general has exploded over the past few years as protein becomes center stage - not to mention as more require it as they ride the GLP-1 wave.  
Smearcase launches at Pop Up Grocer and Happier Grocery in July as their first retail point. As protein reigns supreme as the ultimate health hack, will frozen cottage cheese become this new decade's Halo Top?"