Our Story


In 2023, Joe began training for his first marathon. As an avid ice cream lover, he was ensuring his focus was on nutritional impact to keep things clean while he trained. He started checking the nutrition labels in search for the “healthiest” ice cream with the most amount of protein. As you could imagine, that fell a bit flat. Slightly disheartened, he left the ice cream aisle and instead grabbed a tub of cottage cheese, some berries and honey.  

While mixing this sensational concoction later that evening in his kitchen, it dawned on him. Cottage cheese ice cream, why isn't that a thing? He couldn't be the only one who wants a better-for-you protein-packed ice cream.

The first person he called was his sister, Gianna. Growing up in the food industry, their dad owned delis and italian restaurants, so their shared love of food was always the foundation for the relationship. With Joe's idea, and Gianna's insanely mathematical mind, in NYC apartment's with a cuisinart ice cream maker, they began to experiment. After the third recipe, the formula was found. It was too good to be true! The excitement began and they started sending out samples to family, friends and bringing Smearcase everywhere they went.


Joe and Drew first met in 2018 while they were both working on NYC-based clothing brands. Their paths overlapped while working in the garment district and immediately a friendship was created. Since then, they've been each other's sound-boards when new ideas come up. As two entrepreneurial-minded late 20 year olds living in a corporate-driven NYC, they found solace in their shared creativity and exploration of product design. Joe tried corporate life a few times, but has always found he's not meant to be behind a desk, but truly built to create products with his hands. They both share a passion for design, branding, and skiing! 

Joe lives in Brooklyn, is a certified personal trainer, runs across NYC and wears shorts most of the time. 

Drew lives in Harlem, coaches hockey, shoots film photography and wears a different hat everyday. 

Scoop by scoop, together building @eatsmearcase 


This is the question we asked ourselves while looking for ice cream. Every other ice cream brand is generous on the sugar and fat but skimps out on the protein. 

We’re here to change that. Smearcase is powered by cottage cheese & boosted with collagen. In just one pint of Smearcase there is 40 grams of protein and ½ the fat!

Join us on our quest to make the BEST-for-you ice cream on the market.


Powered by cottage cheese and boosted with collagen, this first-of-its-kind frozen cottage cheese, made in the heart of NY’s Hudson Valley, combines a few simple ingredients for one powerful protein packed pint.


Derived from the German word schmierkäse, “smearcase” simply meant cottage cheese to 19th-century Americans. Milkmen sold it and families enjoyed it, paving the way for today’s protein-packed powerfood that fuels FroCo.